Wednesday, May 11, 2016

BLAH topics needed

Rejoice, everyone! The first Patreon poll is over. 33 people have voted, and the winner topic for us to do is...

The Theory of Everything: Analyzing Popular Theories from a Narrative & Thematic Perspective Part 2

For us that's a step into our classical territory, since that is what we started doing and what we really love to do. So we're really excited to be able to revisit popular theories once again! Of course, that means we actually need theories that you want us to examine. So please, drop as an email, a tweet, a comment, whatever's at hand, and send us your proposals, and we will build an episode for the ages! *needlessly epic theme music*

One caveat, though: given the rapid pace ofdevelopments right now with the show and the new sample chapter, we'll likely push this a little behind in schedule to do the time-sensitive stuff first.


  1. Have you already discussed the Euron/Bloodraven theory?

    1. No, but we will in our next TWOW prediction podcast.

  2. You could discuss how similar these Arriane samples chapters are.
    Has George lost his touch?