Monday, April 6, 2015

A Flight of Links

- Feminist Frequency resumes the series on Tropes vs. Women after nine months with a rather underwhelming entry. 
-I so want to see this. 
- Sean T. Collins ranks the best 20 GOT episodes which, to be fair, means half of them. 
- Who's Westeros' greatest military commander?
-  A new age for trailers
- Why it's good that Downton Abbey ends now 
- In case you wanted some background info on BSG from 2008, here you go. 
- Wolf Hall seems interesting
- Damon Lindelof explains how Blockbusters get shitty
- Bayesian analysis of GOT
- How Mad Men chronicled one revolution and was part of one other
- 50 comic books that explain comic books
- Why the Jaws beach scene is so good
- The Mad Men effect: Economics of the golden age of TV
- How GOT gets written
- Can Marxist theory predict the ending of GOT?
- The Washington Post tracked every death in GOT in its database

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