Monday, May 6, 2013

A Flight of Links

- Is Tyrion really clever? 
- How big is the Death Star and how long would Palpatine fall?
- The second half of Bob's remake-list. 
- If you ever had any doubt whether the Game of Thrones series would convey the books well, read this meta by a guy who never read the books. 
- Breaking Bad ending to be "glorious".  
- More BSG newbie recaps.  
- Sean T. Collins interviewed Maisie Williams.  
- Race to the Iron Throne gives us Eddard 10.
- I don't find this new Man of Steel rumor especially upsetting.  
- 29 postcards from video games.
- 5 Marvel characters who dropped the ball.
- Bob's table-tales.
- 8 characters from GOT that are better in the show than in the books. I tend to agree. 
- What if earth had no moon?
- Great Meta about childbirth.
-Wertzone reviews the first five episodes. 
- FarCry3 Blood Dragon review.


  1. RE: Childbirth - I think the procedures are still the same here in England. I gave birth last year and they try & encourage no pain relief by telling you they'll give it soon and then yell at you for screaming when you are pushing out a person as you might get a sore throat! I assume it's different in other countries by reading this articleso I will move abroad if I ever get up the duff again.

    1. They are often relucatant to give painkillers, but they ususally do if necessary. Your experience will vary wildly depending on the nurses, though.