Monday, November 19, 2012

A Flight of Links

- Blizzard announced StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, and Werthead is enraged by the price policy.
- Get rid of the dang arrows, Yahtzee demands.
- MovieBob talks about Disney and Star Wars.
- Paradox produces Europa Universalis 4 and an combat-oriented offshot. Although heavily bugged almost per default, I like their games. They are really different.
- Wind of Winter release asks if all open plots can be closed within two books and lists them. I'd say yes, without a problem. Most of them could even be wrapped up in Winds of Winter alone.
- 9 Reasons to be grateful for Twilight. 
- Early draft of "Prometheus" was leakes. io9 has the changes summed up, which is pretty interesting.
- I got the link to this extensive look into space combat after my article. I understand only half the techno-babble, but  that guy has a better grasp on the physiques than I do for sure!
- The first Podcast to Flight of Sorrows is up!
-  Venture Village has the first part of being German in 20 steps, which is as hillarious as it's true.
- Tom Hiddleston (Loki in Thor and Avengers) would like to be in the new Star Wars. Good news, everyone!
- I'm excited about the new Star Trek for a number of reasons (being a Trekkie not among them, since I'm not), and Benedict Cumberbatch surely is one.
- The six most brutal murders conducted by Batman.

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