Monday, November 5, 2012

A Flight of Links

- A reader hinted at this article at Overthinker, debating the economics of Star Wars. I'm always a bit reluctant to put too much thought into Star Wars. It's very important to pop culture, sure, but Lucas didn't think past his own nose when he created it, so overthinking it always makes stuff up out of thin air.
- David Graeber, author of the notorious and highly recommendable book "Debt", wrote about super heroes and the constitutency of power, thus affirming my initial post that pop culture is creeping into mainstream more and more.
- Just found a site with extensive reviews and information on TV (and fashion and celebrities, if you're interested in this stuff). I'd bookmark it for your favorite series if I were you.
- Alyssa poses a great question: where do governments go in all these post-apocalyptic stories?  
- Yahtzee talks about where Dishonered falls short in terms of ambience.  
- Yet another example that "classic" literature doesn't appeal universally.
- At Alyssa's there's a discussion about the meaning of freedom in Cloud Atlas.
- Alyssa, again, talking about what Episode VII could be about.
- Every movie sporting color-coded Ninjas in it gets a chance.  
- The guys from "Assassin's Creed meets Parcour" did another video, themed for Assassin's Creed 3 this time.

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