Thursday, March 10, 2016

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a Patreon!

Listen up, all you fans of the Boiled Leather Audio Hour! Sean T. Collins and I have finally decided to gear up and to try to get this franchise on a more professional level. The criticism we hear the most is that there just aren't enough episodes coming out. And while of course the time difference between the Old World and the New plays a big role in that, we have often alluded to real life being a bit of a bitch as well.

The main reason for this is that both Sean and I have dayjobs, and in doubt, paying the bills takes precedence. And unfortunately, there was a lot room of doubt in the past. To make up for this difference between passion and necessity, we thought that setting up a Patreon would be the way to go.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, Patreon is a homepage for content creators where you can pledge a certain amount of money per month for a project (or projects) of your choice. In our case, this would, of course, be the Boiled Leather Audio Hour. In return, we pledge ourselves to certain stretch goals. If enough backers come together, we're obligated to keep this pledges. And of course, several of them include a regular schedule for episodes.

Additionally, there are also rewards to be had, depending on your pledges. You can directly ask as questions and even gain a spot on the show, setting the topic and all. So we hope that we can excite some of you guys to pledge for us and keep these shows coming!

Find our Patreon here!


  1. Maybe allowing for people to pledge an amount per new episode would be a good idea? For all of us whining about the wait between episodes...

    1. Unfortunately, we can choose only one option, and we decided to go with the more reliable "once per month" model. We plan to go on a regular schedule of once per month as a stretch goal, though, which should make this one and the same. Right now, it's a kindness to us and our stability.

  2. Hi Stefan, I just became a patron. Happy to support you and Sean. I also donated thru paypal to help with Sean's broken computer. Thanks for all the thoughtful and pleasurable listening you've provided over the years. Good Luck to you both, Direliz

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