Monday, October 28, 2013

A Flight of Links

- The Father of Infographics!
- Dramatizing journalism (Newsroom...)
- Warface has the stupidest trailer in a long time. 
- Extra Credits talks about Spectacle creep, which is a problem in every entertainment industry.  
- Proposal to make math an elective. I agree, but why stop at math?
- No more blockbusters, says Mr. Jackson
- I want to play Star Citizen so bad! 
- BSG newbie recaps continue
- All six Apollo Moon landings in one video
- Pacific Rim recreated in Lego 
- Really, really bad bootlegged video game ripoffs. 
- We need soldiers to write about games
- Red Letter Media reviews Gravity and Carrie
- A Dark Knight for all occasions 
- Review 12 years a slave 
- Ever wanted to hear Academy Award winners read the texts of current pop songs? 
- Ill news for Star Wars Episode VII


  1. Drew McWeeney doesn't have as doom and gloom an outlook about Star Wars VII by the way...

  2. So Stefan, again, is it difficult to handle both your job and ASOIAF fanwork?

    1. Not nearly as difficult was handling both family and job. If I get under pressure from job and ASOIAF fanwork, I simply gear down with the fanwork, which is why you sometimes don't get the theory hour in time or no real link collection and stuff. But family and job...can't scale down either. That's the tough part.

  3. Same goes for comitting time to my hobbies, obviously, which is a prerequisite to write anything.