Friday, June 12, 2015

Boiled Leather Audio Hour 39

BLAH 39 | (What’s So Funny ’Bout) Peace Love and Bummer Stannis: Discussing “The Dance of Dragons” and Other Elements of Late Season Five Game of Thrones” 

We’re back, and we’ve got a burning desire to discuss Stannis, Shireen, and the controversial scene that dominated the conversation around “The Dance of Dragons,” Game of Thrones Season Five’s penultimate episode! This time out, Sean and I tackle what the Mannis’s heel turn really means for the character, the adaptation, the fandom and more. We also take a quick tour of the disappointments of Dorne, gaze into the fires and give you our predictions for the season finale (including a theory from Sean that’s either bold or batshit), and address the very nature of criticism itself. All in a tight 32 minutes and 32 seconds!

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  1. Great stuff as usual. But a really horrible pun, dude. "Burning desire". SMH

  2. Another great episode! Too bad you didn't have time for a longer discussion - You guys have IMO the most thoughtful and in-depth discussion on the topics you cover.

    Also nice that my comment got a mention, Stefan! :-) (the one about perhaps not knowing Stannis as well as we think)

    My only minor nitpick is the whole "teleporter" thing that people keep bringing up - mostly in relationship to Littlefingers travels in season 2. I debunk this teleportation thing pretty thouroughly here:

    So, the "teleportation" thing again. Why even bring it up for Varys to get back to KL? He has not been seen since episode 3! Surely 7 episodes is enough to travel from Volantis to KL without being accused of having a "teleporter"?

    Anyway, keep up the good work!
    - Lars

    1. Basically it's just an offhand comment :) But it hasn't transpired anyway.

    2. Very true! :-)