Monday, June 29, 2015

A Flight of Links

- You know, actually the review might be right. 
- That's dedication.
- Sean T. Collins criticizes True Detective Season 2's pilot.  
- E3 gender breakdown
- SCOTUS are Spiderman fans
- Did Nazis design the Star Wars logo?
- Batman Arkham Knight review
- What GOT can teach you about game design
- GOT and sexual violence
- The evolution of Colin Ferrel
- Pocahontas meta
- Great analysis of the GOT season 6 casting
- Wertzone started a series on ASOIAF facts and figures. 
- The history of Mark Wahlberg, Hollywood workhorse. 
- Wertzone's part 2 concerning ACOK


  1. Stefan are you or did you watch the mini series Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell? It just ended last night and was great. Definitely Nerd stuff. The book was really good too.

    1. Here is the promo. Thoros of Myr is in it. It good really good reviews.

  2. > E3 gender breakdown
    If this sort of bean counting is still your fetish, I'm throwing you a link to Adrian Chmielarz comparison between this years E3 and the last one: