Monday, May 4, 2015

A Flight of Links

- A comparison between GOT executions
- Good analysis of Sansa's arc in season 5 
- Baltimore, the Wire and the limits of art 
- Vox has a good review of Avengers 2
- Sean T. Collins reviews the new GOT episode
- Another good review of said episode
- If you insist in cutscenes, do it right
- And an explainer for it
- Do we need cinematic universes?
- Liveblogging Telltale's GOT
- Steven Attewell has a political analysis of the episode.
- And a sneak peak into his new book
- Why Steam's paying for mods was a dumb idea
- How do fractals work?
- Bloodborne analysis
- Total War Warhammer announced
- An assessment of the reign of Aegon I 
- Analysis about Rhaenys
- Another glowing Avengers 2 review
- Some people critisize Avengers 2 for ill serving Black Widow
- But not all feminists agree
- Are there time zones in Planetos?
- Exactly.
- There's stupid, and this


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