Friday, October 10, 2014

Video: Anita Sarkeesian at XOXO

Don't know, but from my vantage point, her communication strategy seems pretty clever to me and, above all, working. I can't see her as finished, and despite the partial success of the #Gamergate crowd in their boycotting of critical media by bullying Intel into withdrawing ad money (shame on you, Intel) I also don't see the backlashreaching any point (yet) at which the industry as a whole would disavow her. Despite Intel's appalling behavior, and of course the not even debatable degeneration of the Gamergaters, the paradigm shift Sarkeesian talks about is happening, and the elites that matter (as in popculture critics and developers) have flocked to the cause in droves. They are notably absent on the #Gamergate side of things, which consists mostly of the fanbase itself and many of the traditional video games review sites and magazines. The irony of this is, of course, that the #Gamergate people, who claim to attack corruption in the video game industry, have thrown their lot in hook, line and sinker with exactly those elements of the business that are known to be the most susceptible to corruption and getting influences by the industry they maintain way too close ties with. 


  1. Stefan, i'm wondering where you're getting your sources on GamerGate because i've seen lots of one sided pieces on each side of the aisle and as someone without a dog in this fight I have to say that a lot of the feminists sites like some of the posts you've linked to don't talk about any of the negative things there side are doing. There supporters have done plenty of doxxing, threatening and throwing there weight around as well. I'm not even a video game player anymore but i've found this whole saga interesting.

    Anyway, read this interview today with developer Brad Wardell and I think it's one of the few examples of someone able to talk about the plusses and minuses of each side.

    1. Dany employed lies and trickery on the slavers, then burned them to death! Then she freed a bunch of slaves.

      Feminism is a good cause--unless you think equality and inclusiveness are bad things. Regardless of some bad things that some feminists and some people who call themselves allies do, people fighting against feminism are the bad guys.

    2. Sounds like you're completely missing a lot of the lessons that George is trying to layout in the series.

      Vengeance for its own sake is incredibly dangerous and doesn't fix anything. Dany is going down a dark road where she started with a righteous cause and may now end up ruthlessly killing lots of innocent people and turning many against her.

      I dislike your argument and it's one of my biggest problems with the current style of discourse.

      You're essentially saying that if I don't agree with you and your tactics then I am not for equality.

      You don't get to do otherwise awful things and have it waved away just by couching it in the name of feminism or equality.

      I think you also fundamentally miss the point of a lot of the gamers. Since a few fringe people are sending threats it's allowing journalists and people like you to call them all misogynists or basement dwelling neckbeards (but you excuse your own people making threats).

      So you're an average gamer with no problem with inclusion but you're having a narrative shoved down your throat that you are the problem, that you're a gross misogynist.

      Then you hear that the very journalists shouting you down don't follow any set of ethics, collude on stories, sit on awards panels where they vote for people they have personal relationships with and more.

      What are you supposed to think?

      If you demand everyone to toe the line and agree with you in the name of "equality" or "feminism" and when they don't you try and crush them then you run the risk of becoming what you always hated.