Monday, October 6, 2014

A Flight of Links

- David Fincher will direct the whole first season of HBO's new mystery series "Utopia". Count me mildly intrigued.
- Destiny wants your money
- Ask Polly: Am I shallow? I love how she draws the connection to pop culture tropes. Spot on.
- Twilight comes back. Yay?
- The Angry Birds movie catches a ridiculously good cast. 
- Wot I think: Shadows of Mordor
- Don't know whether this looks intriguing. Strange. 
- Watch this brillant fake Tetris trailer
- Why does your voice sound different on recording? 
- Bill Nye predicts the end of Creationism. Let's hope he's right.
- Symbols and Stories in Westeros
- Mathematical calculation which GOT POV dies next
- Laci Green interviewed on TV
- Amazon has a disclaimer for Tom and Jerry for being racist. More of this, please.
- How the Vampire became less frightening. 
- Ice Age maps
- 23 years after its release, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves doesn't hold up. Maybe, but I fucking liked that movie.
- Alien: Isolation reviews here, here and here
- Throwdown: Alien vs. Aliens 
- Collected Information about TWOW 
- This GamerGate-crowd really sucks ass. 

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