Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Flight of Links

- 10 grammar mistakes that aren't
- The Future of the Culture Wars is here, and it's Gamergate. Read this.
- Heartwrenching trailer of the new Civ game
- Will Marvel adapt the Civil War storyline?
-  Final verdict of RPS on Shadows of Mordor
- And the one of Yahtzee
- Wanna know what happens when three expert fighters take on 50 novices? 
- Yet another example of Gamergate violence misfiring spectacularily 
- A documentation of 4chan harassment in Gamergate. 

- Shadow of Mordor is an infantile revenge fantasy. Can't stress that enough; true of so many games.

1 comment:

  1. Despite being a native English speaker, I actually have never heard of about half of those "grammar" "mistakes". But #8 ("data") and #9 ("they") I feel very strongly about, and completely agree with the article's take.

    To those that insist "data" is plural, I like to ask if they also consider "opera" (Latin plural of opus) plural? How about "agenda"? The bottom line is that the English word "data" is entirely distinct from the Latin word "data", in meaning, pronunciation, and usage, and only similar in that the English is derived from the Latin.