Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mini-Review: Wanted

Not even characters.
In our last post of the Supreme Court of Westeros, I made a comparison with the comic book of "Wanted", as well as the movie, stating that I actually liked the movie more than the comic. To make this clear: I don't think the movie is a good movie. It's passable, and it has some interesting ideas, but ultimately it isn't really innovative or interesting enough to be remembered. The comics, however, outright suck ass. In my mind, they are only an excuse for a lengthy juvenile fantasy of boundless gore, violence and swearing. There is no deeper message in them, no meaning, no criticism, nothing that gets you engaged or thinking. It's just a violence fantasy. Worse, its violence is also directed at people for the expressed reasons of being ugly, of being annoying, of being female, of being in the way, of being just there when it suits you, of being fat, and a myriad of other reasons bullies usually use for excuses to torture people. Only this time it's put in a comic book. So, fuck "Wanted". I don't know why they even used the licence for the movie, whose convergence with the comic is minimal at best.


  1. My respect for you just went up a bunch, and I already had tons for you, Stefan. Wanted started off well enough, but quickly devolved into childish fantasy. The last issue, especially, which was delayed for months, essentially read as a giant "fuck you" to people that had been keeping track with the comic. I refuse to buy anything with Mark Millar's name on it because of that.

    1. Thanks for the praise! I read the thing whole, in one collected paperback. Sold it after.