Monday, August 11, 2014

A Flight of Links

- Why's Howard the Duck in the Guardians post-credits? Vox explains.
- More Howard the Duck explainer
- Guardians of the Galaxy and the soundtrack
- Why Blade Runner makes men cry
- Yahtzee vomits on isometric games
- XCOM the Boardgame is totally a thing now
- Benedict Cumberbatch can imitate Jar Jar Binks. Why, what an useful trait to have!
- Race of the Iron Throne has Danaerys I.
- GOT casting news
- ET The Worst Game Ever
- Ever wondered what the first X-Men were like?
- Video games are healing depressions better than anti-depression meds (German)
- Game of Thrones as a subway map
- How Captain America Winter Soldier should have ended
- GRRM discusses racial diversity in ASOIAF
- Drunk history: Japanese Division
- Vox about Guardians of the Galaxy
- 10 lessons from Guardians of the Galaxy
- Why living in Bioshock's Columbia won't work
- D&D movie critique 
- Reviews for the godawful new Turtles movie: here, here, here, here,
- Batman v Superman vs Captain America 3
- SIERRA returns!


  1. I just noticed a poll on the site about whether I read "A Flight of Links"! I don't know how old the poll is, but yes, yes I do. You so often link to interesting things I wouldn't have seen otherwise.