Monday, August 4, 2014

A Flight of Links

- Race of the Iron Throne: Theon I 
- Star Wars Biodome planets realistic?
- 4 Science Mistakes Star Wars VII should avoid
- New TMNT title song isn't half bad
-  How a succesful Kickstarter tanked
- Two TMNT scenes were shown at Comicon
- And a glimpse of Superman v Batman
- Don't know whether or not to get excited about a Godzilla sequel. Will there be soldiers as protagonists in it?
- Miracle of Sound's new song
- The Fall of Kevin Smith, part III
- Why bare breasts are more offensive than severed limbs
- Walking Dead 2.4 review
- 8bit cinema Avengers
- Epic Meal episode 1
- Mad Max sequel trailer. Did you want it? Perhaps not, but there it is anyway.
- Yes.
- Ridley Scott makes a movie about Moses. 
- Guardians of the Galaxy review.  
- Poor Stormtrooper. 
-  FilmSchoolRejects reviews Guardians. 
- New Interstellar trailer
- Five ways to make the Huntsman sequel
- This looks so bad it hurts
- Tom Hiddleston super nerd
- Rethinking Dinosaurs
- Rethinking Jungles
- Has EA's Origin improved?

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  1. After reading Theon I I was reminded of a question I had. When people call Theon kinslayer who are they saying that he killed? The Starks? In my opinion being a ward would not make you kin.