Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Boiled Leather Audio Hour Episode 30 - UPDATE

UPDATE: The MP3 is now fixed. 

The Post-“Game” Show: “Game of Thrones” Season Four Reviewed

Our biggest episode ever! Game of Thrones Season Four is over, and in this mega-sized BLAH, Sean and I analyze it for damn near 90 minutes. Every major storyline is covered, every big controversy is addressed, every substantial change from the books is explored, and every complaint we have about the fandom is given an obscenity-laden airing. Hey, we told you it was a big episode!
Below, we’ve included some links to pieces on the show that we mention in the podcast. Read, listen, enjoy!
Sean’s reviews of the show for Rolling Stone
Stefan’s reviews of the show for Tower of the Hand
Sean’s Rolling Stone list of Season Four’s Top 10 greatest moments
Stefan’s “Outside the Buzz” piece on fandom’s bubble mindset
The AV Club’s Sonia Saraiya on the role of violence on the show
HuffPo’s Maureen Ryan arguing the show is good but not great
Our episode on Season Three

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  1. Enjoyed listening to Sean and you. Only one nitpick: I need MOAR of these!

  2. The reason Tyrion seeked out Tywin is because of Tysha. It doesn't make sense for him to walk up there otherwise. He didn't know that Shae was up there.

  3. "You sentenced me to Death!" Plenty of reason to go up there.

  4. So why didn't he go to Cersi instead she is just as responsible for that verdict as Tywin was. The thing that set him over the edge was the "wife" thing. I'm sure some part of Tyrion understood the reasons as to why he was the one left holding the bag.

    1. That's exactly our point. In the show, Tywin is responsible, not Cersei.