Monday, June 16, 2014

A Flight of Links

- Catelyn I by Race of the Iron Throne
- New Tomb Raider game will come out, here's the trailer. 
- Sean T. Collins interviewed Neill Marshall
- How you can spoil your own fun very well 
- Spielberg wants to make a miniseries about LBJ with Bryan Cranston
- Disney to sell Princess Leia toys after fan pressure
- How Robert Heinlein went from left wing to right wing
- I totally agree with the uncomfortableness he describes. 
- Finally, a Doom reboot! Said no one ever, except Bethesda. 
- MUST READ: This analysis of the upcoming Battle of Fire. 
- Wolfenstein is better than it needs to be
- A comparison between dragons and nuclear weapons 
- Watch_Dogs review by Yahtzee
- MovieBob reviews How to tame a Dragon 2
- MovieDefense Blood Rayne is hilarious

- I put this on extra emphasis

Assassin's Creed's developers told some real bullshit, and there are reactions. 
- This War of Mine Preview 
- Usual round of GOT recaps and reviews: Click, Click, Click, Click, Click

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  1. I'm through my 16 printed pages about an upcoming made up battle in a made up City
    in an unpublished book yay (it was totally worth it :))