Monday, June 2, 2014

A Flight of Links

- Watch Dogs review that hated the game
- Watch Dogs review that loved the gmae
- Amazing Spider Man 2 The Game review by Yahtzee
- Amazing score matchup
- She-Hulk shaming
- Three articles from Boiled Leather you should read
- How to name animals in German
- Wolf among us episode 4 review
- Stuff about Sims4
- Star Fighter delayed again
- Adam Whitehead and Elio Garcia speculate about season 5 of GOT 
- 10 TV season finales that were rewritten in the final minute
- Book of Life trailer looks cool
- Who was guilty of misconduct in the Baltar trial? 
- Movie Defense Force: Hulk. Yeah, that wasn't so bad. 
- This War of Mine preview
- What if Ayn Rand had written Harry Potter? 
- Ant Man Backlash
- MovieBob reviews Maleficent
- A Distant Worlds review with Bill Adama
- Another Wolf Among Us review
- GOT 4.8 reviews: click, click, click

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  1. Bit disappointed Sean T. Collins didn't mention the obvious connections between Euron and Brynden: one is called Bloodraven, the other is called Crow's Eye. Both only have one eye (-ish). I don't necessarily believe in that theory, but that seems to me also to be a hint towards a connection.