Monday, September 23, 2013

A Flight of Links

- GTA V review. Seems to be good. 
- They are making a spin-off of The Walking Dead. Because it's not bad enough yet, obviously. 
- Why aren't there more games set in WWI?
- Marvellous movie thrones. 
- MovieBob and the MarySue review Star Trek Into Darkness.
- A detailled analysis of the legal battles that major game developers fight over their respective FPS franchises. 
- Robert Pattinson really, really hates Twilight. Man, I feel him. 
- Some meta about Man of Steel.
- 7 Most Mismatched Fights in Movie History.
- Demographics of Netflix. Very interesting.
- Discussion about the recaps of TV series I'm guilty of, too.
- More on the same discussion, this time from the WSJ. 
- Someone did a five-movie-marathon, with interesting results. 
- Why Justin Bieber as Robin is a hoax. Most likely.  
- Slynt rereads Sansa III.
- Yahtzee elaborates more on his views on dialogue and character in games. I couldn't agree more. 
- Blizzard finally kills the auction house. 
- Breaking Bad's episode 14 inspired George R. R. Martin to introduce a worse villain into Westeros. WTF?
- There's a show called "Shut up and sit down" about board games. Check it out.  
- Joss Whedon airdropped onto the Thor2 set and rewrote some scenes. 
- Some updates on Hedge Knight and Dangerous Women.  
- So true. 
- Discussion about the morale of GTA V.
- A very sad review of GTA V. 
- Prisoners seems to be pretty good.
- You really need to check out this Youtube channel, especially this and this.  
- I totally agree with this assessment of Cercei's politics regarding the Faith.


  1. Was that Breaking bad-thing from GRRM a joke or what? Doesn`t sound good. :(

  2. I think the obvious answer to why so few games are set in WWI is thematic "competition" from WWII. To mainstream gamers WWI and WWII settings are the same: probably in Europe, in the early 20th century, and probably depicted in a Saving Private Ryan-inspired grey color palette.

    That and the rarity of man-portable automatic firearms, which would make for a completely different kind of FPS.

    1. I think the main reason is the static nature of warfare in the west and the fact that no one knows about the war in the east.