Friday, March 29, 2013

A Flight of Links

Forgot to post these on Monday, so here they come. 

- Was the Death Star an inside job? Great mockumantary.
- Some thoughts on the Red Viper. 
- Some on Asha. 
- Why didn't Tywin train Cersei? 
- A very good analysis of the whole Tywin, Tysha, Jaime and Tyrion story. 
- What to do when you're talking to people about ASOIAF who only know the show.
-  Catching up with Stormsongs again: Jaime III, Catelyn III, Tyrion III part 1, Tyrion III part 2, Game of Thrones Ascent.
- Review of Eclipse, and no, it's nothing like Twilight Imperium III. You have to play both games because Eclipse is great in its own right, but my love remains firmly with TI3.
- An analysis of the latest Game of Thrones trailer. 
- Games with fake wars are stupid, says Yahtzee. He's soooo right.
-  Review for Heart of the Swarm from the Escapist.
- Some GOT Season 3 promo pictures.
- More pictures of season 3. 
- PETA has taken to protecting virtual whales and Zerglings.
- Ever heard of a show named The Critic? It's explained here. 
- The Avengers, Power Rangers style. 
- Extensive information about the background of the new Bioshock. 
- Escape from New York gets a reboot. So what? I don't understand why people get mad about these things. The original movie isn't great. A new version could be better. So, let's hope.
- Disney princesses in realistic looks. Gorgeous!
- Elio about season 3 of GOT.
- The 10 best changes of Season 2 of GOT. Oh, do I agree. 
-  You really don't want GOT to have 10 seasons. 
- A very short discussion about the prospects of a Dunk&Egg Miniseries. 
-  10 bad movies that might have been good with a minor change.
- Scenes dropped and added to season 2. Really interesting storyboard-discussion.
- Martin acknowledges for the first time that the series catching up with him is a serious problem. 
-  Yahtzee reviews Tomb Raider. 
- MovieBob really loves "Spring Break".
- The 10 weirdest Game of Thrones products.
- 35 reason to love Aaron Paul. You know, he plays Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad.
- Why pirating Game of Thrones helps the series (PBS).
- Things that are different in Pacific Rim: Alien poo. 
- Photos of the last days of the Soviet Union.  
- The real problem with History Channel's Satan.  
- Totally forgot to keep you posted with Race of the Iron Throne's Eddard IX and Catelyn VI.
- Ok, this is officially the most ridiculous voiceover in quite some time. 


  1. LOL, PETA. I stand by my position that PETA is a disgusting organization of hypocrites that not so much love animals as hate humans, but sometimes they're fun. I mean, it's not like there is actual animal cruelty going in the world, nope.

    The article "Why didn't Tywin train Cersei" is fantastic. Sums up the whole Lannister family perfectly.

    To the promo pics: WTF did they do to Ygritte's hair? Is there a stylists' salon north of the Wall Jon Snow hasn't yet heard of?

    1. I deliberately overlook such things since the pilot, because I was so darn impressed they put dirt on Eddard's coat.

    2. Also, regarding the "10 best changes": I don't agree with all of them, but UGH, do I love Marge.

    3. And I need the "Ned's dead, Baby" T-shirt. I would wear that. Every day.

  2. Stefan, Could you set it up so when you click a link it opens a new tab? Thanks!

    1. I'll try, but in the meantime, click them with the middle mouse button, that does the trick too.