Monday, March 11, 2013

A Flight of Links

- If Far Cry 3 succeeded in one thing, than in us talking about it. 
- The Iron Man 3 Trailer is out, and MovieBob has a comment. Looks pretty cool in my department.
- He also talks about why the 90s suck. 
- Yathzee thinks the programmers of Colonial Marines should apologize. 
- Minimalist scientiest posters. Great stuff!
- The third part of the Targaryen history is online. 
- 6 Board games that ruined your childhood and better variants. 
- There's a new Torment game in the works, and Wertzone has details.  
- How to change the debate on violent video games. 
- A portrait of Bronn.
- A review of Oz. 
- And another one.
- Current rumors in Hollywood. 
- Sniper Rifle Elite Nazi Zombie Army is apparantly as bad as the title suggests. 
-  Wot I think: Tomb Raider
- Wot I think: March of the Eagles. I like the Paradox games, but they're certainly not for everyone. ,
- The Shadowrun RPG is becoming a reality; there's Alpha footage. 
- After Diablo III, SimCity also got its release-day-crash. Why?
- The Deus Ex producers about Hollywood. 
- Walking Dead Season 2 has been pushed to 2014. That's sad news. 
- Reel Physics examines whether or not Clive Owen could fire his hand-gun in "Shoot em up". 


  1. Uuuugghhh, RISK... once tried it, on a whiny 15yo's insistence. Never again.
    The fact that I never had to play any of these games with my family is a clear sign that I am blessed with an exceptionally high-quality set of parents. Yay Mum&Dad!

    1. Risk basically provides the same experience as Yahtzee...without the tactics, but thrice the pieces.

    2. Hey, Yahtzee is fun!