Monday, March 18, 2013

A Flight of Links

- What if Corporations were sponsored by companies?
- Incredible Minas Tirith built from sans. 
- SimCity is inherently broken. 
- MovieBob talks about them troll puppets that were popular in the 90s. 
- KickAss2 is coming and it looks awesome! 
- The Rebirth of Lara Croft
- House blueprints from famous TV series. Designed to get you jealous. 
- Why fearful heroes are good for video games.
- Some bits for GOT season 3.
- Interview about Walking Dead. 
- How Assassin's Creed changes our perception of history.


  1. Gah, those apartments! So dreamy :(
    I obviously don't know about the rents in Palo Alto, CA, but making young impressionable people believe that you can live like Leonard & Sheldon on the wages of 2 junior professors is criminal. Not to mention those TV shows that are set in New York!