Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Boiled Leather Audio Hour 18

The mother of dragons squares off against/pairs up with the mother of direwolves in our new episode — the third installment in our irregularly scheduled series on the prominent female characters of A Song of Ice and Fire. Cat and Dany are interesting to talk about in tandem because more, perhaps, than any other characters, they draw strength from traditional female roles while in the process of subverting or expanding them. From their shared embrace of the mantle of motherhood to their shared perceived missteps with dashing, arrogant swordsmen to their divergent fortunes on the books’ TV adaptation, we tackle as much as we can about these pivotal characters.

And hey, if you like listening to us yak about A Song of Ice and Fire, and I should certainly hope you do if you’re reading this, please give a listen to our guest stint on the most recent episode of A Podcast of Ice and Fire. Sean and I join regular hosts Amin, Ashley, and Kyle — plus unexpected guests Elio & Linda from — to play fast and loose with the most important questions you can ask about any fictional characters: who’d beat whom in a fight, and whom you’d most like to have sex with. Consider it BLAH 17.5!

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  1. A good episode, but you're wrong about how Catelyn reacts to Tyrion's revelation on the High Road. She's just been told that Littlefinger lied to her AND EDDARD about the Lannister threat, and she doesn't inform her husband about this incredibly important information - because she doesn't really believe him.