Monday, October 22, 2012

A Flight of Links

- MovieBob has some speculation on the upcoming Ant-Man movie and Marvel's route in general.
- Cracked brings you 6 insane stereotypes of movies that need to be stopped, but I'm not sure about all of them. They need to stop bloating adjectives like that, to be sure.
- Middle Earth gender breakdown.  
- MovieBob again, this time with information about the planned Justic League movie and some speculation on it.
- Race for the Iron Throne grants us Eddard III.
- The Vulture has a very well written bio about Elio and Linda. 
- I'd rather go with the Swedish Supreme Court than with Missouri here in depicting whether or not Mangas can constitute child pornography. 
- New research suggests that teenagers get sleep disruption from playing action games before going to bed.
- MovieBob explores the advantages of remaking Star Wars, and it's actually quite interesting.
- Homosexuality leads to ducks taking over the world. Seriously.  
- io9 explains why electing supervillains beats Obama and Romney.
- Sean T. Collins did an interview with the Walking Dead creator. 

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