Monday, March 24, 2014

A Flight of Links

- Famous military leaders, female
- Minimalist GOT opening
- 538 analysizes Shakespeare
- Freedom Cry seems to be good
- More stuff about GOT season 4  
- Video games analyzed by literature students
- Info about the Elizabeth AI from "Bioshock Infinite"
- MobieBob demands to give Noah the benefit of the doubt
- Controversy about the new Daario
- How Europeans imagined exotic animals
- Why women characters in the Washington polit shows suck
- Muppets Most Wanted seems strange
- 10 smartest movie villains
- Lemmings suicide is a myth invented by Disney
- George R. R. Martin's getting more illusional and desperate about HBO
- 10 weirdest Marvel Movies almost made
- Maisie Williams says stuff that enrages fans, but she's right
- 10 terrible trailers for good movies

- Again, with emphasis, the last part of Adam Feldman's Dorne-analysis.


  1. If GRRM thinks ten seasons or a feature film are plausible, or even good things for the franchise as a whole, he's delusional. Hopefully he either makes peace with the show finishing before him, or makes very quick progress on the books.

  2. Heartsbane of HornhillMarch 25, 2014 at 4:31 PM

    The Dornish revenge article is something else.

    The optimist in me wants to believe Arianne is her father's daughter. Over cautious now after her mistake. I believe there is a passage in her sample chapter, where she is traveling through the Dornish host, and is concerned about potentially sending these men to die.

    But her ambition is also pretty clear.
    And why delve into Dorne & Aegon at all like he said, unless they are going to work together?

    I could even envision the Faith/High Septon considering tagging along with this bunch.

    What a mess it'll be for Danaerys.

    1. What do you mean?

      No Dornish is really desirable. Doran goes more sophisticated at it, but they're all lunatics.