Monday, September 16, 2013

A Flight of Links

We're back! And no, no attempt to try to catch up with the lost two months. No chance. We simply go on starting this week.

- MovieBob reviews Man of Steel, again.
- Race to the Iron Throne gives us Sansa III, Eddard XII, Danaerys V and Eddard XIII. Especially his analysis of Eddard is worth a read every time.
- Yahtzee warns devs about the dangers of dialogue in video games. 
- The elaborate case of why GTA IV didn't prompt an 8-year-old to shoot his grandma.  
- Since there are currently elections going on in Germany, some ASOIAF guerilla inserted Game of Thrones campaign posters. They are, obviously, German, so if you're interested in a translation, ask in the comments.  
- Breaking Bad gets a "Better call Saul" spinoff. 
- League of Legends designers prove that if you're not an ass, you win more games.  
- A German professor for Linguistics has it with the guys who want to "protect" the German language and uses their self-styled holiday "German language day" to proclaim a "German language holiday", on which you don't speak any German and only use English. To commemorate it, he wrote an English blogposts explaining some of the peculiarities. 

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  1. Vote for the Night's Watch, reinforce the Wall! Bwahaha - finally, something a little bit non-depressing about this election. Imagine though - MUTTI with dragons! *shudder*

    Also ugh, Bastian Sick. Makes me... you can imagine (if only because I used to think I was the biggest grammar nazi around).