Friday, September 28, 2012

Game of Thrones vs. American Politics

I'm not quite sure whether I would sign Renly and Santorum as a pair; besides the smirk, there isn't really much there (although Midwesteros is a great joke). Balon and Ron Paul are great, and Tyrion and Colbert as the great pranksters also work for me. Daenerys and Palin is really evil, but considering the latest chapter in ADWD and Julianne Moores performance in "Game Change", it might come true. The Clinton/Gore comparisons are harmless and let me smile a bit, but not more. So, that's me, what's your opinion? Have at it! 


  1. Eeerrrrrmmmm, well if you believe some popular rumours there is one other thing Santorum and Renly have in common ;)

  2. Gore should be Stannis, he loses over and over but won't give up.

    Also Obama was pretty good at winning the throne, where as Robb Stark... not so much.

  3. I miss the one where Bush jr is equated with Hodor... also, yes, it took me until now to get the "climate change" joke. *sigh*