Saturday, April 23, 2016

Announcment: It Is Known - Seasons 1-5 Deconstructed
Is there any better way to celebrate the upcoming premiere of the sixth season of "Game of Thrones" than to delve deep into a book about the meta, analysis and discussion surrounding its first five record-setting seasons? Since this is a rhetorical question, the answer is obviously: "Of course not!" And as it happens, you are in luck, because today, just a day before the premiere, exactly such a book has been made available on Amazon for your ebook readers. 

So, what's it all about? As you might be aware, Miles Schneiderman and myself have written competing reviews about the series for its third, fourth and fifth seasons. We compiled all these reviews into the book (plus Mile's solo-run on season 2 for good measure), but of course the book is much more than just warming up some review leftovers in search for a quick cash-grab. Instead, we rewatched all five seasons, banging our heads together after every episode and discussing it in detail. 

The interesting thing about this, of course, is the temporal distance between our discussions now and the original airing. Did our perception of earlier seasons and episodes change with the hindsight of where story-threads were going? Did our predictions hold up? Were we disappointed? Were we jubilent? One thing is for certain: our initial assumptions about how the rewatch would play out were shaken. We got a new-found appreciation for things that left us lukewarm back when the seasons aired, and we had to go into some plotlines with the inevitable knowledge of their grizzly destination. 

During this journey, we revisit major controversies - from adaptive changes to entirely new plotlines, from the nudity count to the burning of children - and tried to analyze what makes "Game of Thrones" really "Game of Thrones". The unique style of the show, its challenges, chances and shortfalls all get their turn in the spotlight.

Finally, the book includes a foreword by Steven Attewell of "Race of the Iron Throne"-fame and an afterword by Johnny Jasmin, co-founder of The Tower of the Hand, where this whole crazy story started in the first place. So what are you waiting for? Fill the waiting time for season 6 with this crammed-full book of first-rate analysis for only 5,99$! 

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