Monday, March 14, 2016

A Flight of Links

- Wertzone reviews Man in the High Castle
- This looks incredibly like a game I really don't want to play
- How to fix 4X
- When Early Access sucks
-  GOT season 6 trailer explained
- Yahtzee reviews Far Cry Primal
-History of Tom Clancy games
- New Captain America: Civil War trailer
- Sean T. Collins reviews Better Call Saul season 2 episode 4

- Doran and Balon as opposites
- Theon VI
- More defining character moments
- Gregor Clegane
- Areoh Hotah
- Tyene
- Tywin and the Golden Company
- Euron
- Aenys Blackfyre
- Rodrik the Reader
- Cripples and broken things
- Barristan
- Robb and feudal politics
- Wights military potential
- Giant Doran Martell meta
- More Euron


  1. Do you share Wertzone's opinion about MitHC? Should be a series for you and giving a well deserved rest from GoT.

    Regards, M.

    1. Not watched yet. I don't have an Amazon Prime account.