Monday, November 16, 2015

A Flight of Links

- Rise of the Tomb Raider review
- A brief history of Blizzard's cancelled games
- Blizzard cancelled Titan
- The Peanuts review
- More ADWD praise
- Mace and Stannis
- Have you played Unreal? Actually, yes.
- Why did Activision spend 6 billion for Candy Crush? Fuck if I know.
- Assassin's Creed is running on fumes. But I liked Brotherhood and Revelation as well.
- Rise of the Tomb Raider review
- Yahtzee reviews Halo 5
- How can somebody miss the point so wide?
- System Shock 2 remake in the works 
- Why the new Mystery Sciene Theater 3000 is too good to be true
- This list REALLY doesn't sound good for Fallout 4 in my opinion
- Bran and Bloodraven
- Martin's writing flaws
- Legacy of the Void multiplayer and singleplayer reviews


  1. I think that Activision article missed (or misread) one possible reason. Rather than wanting King's audience, which I agree makes no sense, Activision wants the data that King has on their audience. That data isn't shrinking and will never shrink. It can only grow.

    I read it's 93M users; that's only a little more than $6 per user. I bet Activision considers $6/user a bargain.

    1. Granted, but only if you can make those users buy your games, right?

    2. What if you can use that data to drive marketing and make those users more likely to buy your games? (Also, I did the math wrong. It's more like $60/user, for which the value proposition is not as clear to me.)