Monday, September 28, 2015

A Flight of Links

- Nostalgia Critic reviews Mad Max Fury Road. While the review is hilarious, I'm kind of concerned as to inside the bubble it is and how much knowledge about the conversation it requires to understand at least half of it.
- Prometheus 2 doesn't sound so much better than the first. 
- Heroes: Reborn seems like a pile of shit, according to The Atlantic and Vox
- Alan Sepinwall also doesn't like it
- Why the Manix Pixie Dream Girl won't go away
- The Big Short trailer. I read the book a couple of years ago and the main impression I got was that all those guys are basically sociopaths.
- Would you have guessed? Jon Snow isn't dead. 
- Pamela looks interesting
- Tyrion X

Aaaand Poor Quentyn:
- Jeyne Poole in Braavos
- Arianne
- Arya and the House of Black and White
- More of it
- Lyanna and Rhaegar
- What if Tommen dies early? 
- Theon and Ramsay
- Howland Reed as the High Septon
- Sandor
- More Sandor
- Qyburn
- The Sorrows