Monday, September 7, 2015

A Flight of Links

- Davos II
- What the hell is going on with Star Citizen?
- Fear the Walking Dead episode 2 review
- Good tips to improve your roleplaying 
- Monkey Island and C&C have anniversary year. Oh, the memories.
-  Daniel Ratcliffe stars in a drama about GTA.


  1. Hurray, AFOL is back! Missed it.
    Could you maybe do a special AFOL for roleplaying articles? I'm always interested in reading more about the topic.
    (Radcliffe is spelled with a "d", btw)

    1. Too much to do these last weeks to read up, so AFOL was missing twice. Sorry for that!
      And no, because simply I don't read enough sites that cover RPG.

  2. Wow ! Very nice,,Thanks for sharing..