Friday, December 5, 2014

Impressions from the Terminator trailer

The first trailer for the corny-titled "Terminator: Genisys" has come out (watch below the break). My first impressions, in chronological order:
- That speech by John Connor sure sucks. It has a sign of "bad pathos-ladden stuff" all over it.  But perhaps it will be better in context, like "cancelling the apocalypse".
-Also, the future lacks the gritty element of the 80s original.
- Kyle Reese looks like a ringer. But that's an improvement over the whiny teenager from the trainwreck that was Terminator Salvation.
- WHERE ARE MY TERMINATORS? I don't know if I will get used to Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor, but I'll give her a chance.
- CGI Arnold against Arnie the Pensionaire. Don't know which looks more ridiculous.
- I mean, seriously, the altered timeline can't avoid having logic holes big enough for trains to fit through and groan-worthy explanations for stuff. It comes with the territory. One time travel is bad enough, but this? They collaps the timelines of four movies, containing already three altered timelines, and build up yet another one on top. If they pull that off, I'm really impressed. Judging from the impressions of the trailer, I seriously doubt they will.
- I don't know where the old movies play in this. The beginning especially clearly caters to the fans, invoking the classic pictures, but I can't imagine that they will be that important later on. Would drive off the younger audiences. This is essentially the same trick as in Star Wars Episode VII, I'd assume.
- After touching a car, a bus is flipping through the air like it's a bouncy ball. Physics, who needs them?
- Now CGI Arnie the Pensionaire skydives into a helicopter. This could be fun in an unintenioned way.
- Oh, boy.

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