Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Flight of Links

- More thoughts about a Mario movie. I still don't care.
- Such. A. Bad. Idea.
- Yathzee has some really interesting thoughts about facial animations in Bioware games. 
- Five feminist moments in the history of video games
- Tim Burton on the Marvel bandwagon
- io9's critique on the Hobbit movies
- The psychology of duelling
- Alien: Isolation best horror game of 2014
- Aaron Paul is Luke Skywalker
- Sonic Boom review
- Sean T. Collins reviews more of "The Wire"
- 538 about The World of Ice and Fire 
- Another devestating critique of "The battle of the five armies" 
- MovieBob actually likes it 
- Robert Rath looks at how exact Far Cry 4 represents Nepal
- The best Polygon features of 2014
- One of my favorites
- Great essay by Steven Attewell

1 comment:

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