Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Flight of Links

Got released early because I hit the wrong button. I'll update them until Monday. 

- GOT inspires a high fashion line.
- Comparison between Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones; slightly over-interpreting it in my opinion. 
- HBO's next series will be about aliens. 
- Big Picture about Superman.
- Oh man, these reactions to some perfectly fine critique are all so depressing. 
- A really meaty discussion about what will be in the future GOT seasons. 
- They hired a real writer for the new Call of Duty, but I remain sceptical. The story of the last games was excruciatingly bad. 
- Most pointless rules for young epic heroes in training. 
- I think this gloomy description of game's inability to tell stories is premature. TV needed decades to give us the good stuff.
- 5 questions about the finale of GOT season 3 
- Let me translate Lucas' and Spielberg's bullshit: mimimimimi, no one wants to see her movies anymore! 
- Yep, Elsysium looks good. 
- Assassin's Creed 4 - I donnu.... 
- What if Shakespeare wrote Star Wars? 
- Star Trek, this is weird. 
- The entire premise of True Blood in 36 pics. 
- Jon Snow 80s montage training. 
- What would happen if Superman punched you in the face? 


  1. Wait, are you actually surprised that the internet is full of sexist assholes? You must be new here...

    1. P.S.: Enjoy.

      For clarification: You're right, it IS depressing, but ultimately people should realize that the world is full of hateful bastards who use the internet for their personal gratification by hurling virtual shit at others. Feminists and anti-racist activists make an especially well-loved target for these miserable wastes of human skin. *shrug* Happens every day.

    2. You can hear me sighing about the desolate state of mankind.

    3. They say the internet brings out the worst in a person...