Monday, June 10, 2013

A Flight of Links

- Interview with Michelle Fairly.
-Taking nitpicking JUST A BIT to the extreme. 
- Movie stars trashing their movies.
- Oh, man, this is so true it hurts. 
- Some very, very interesting thoughts about GOT episode 9.  
- That is soooo wrong. 
- I'd say Emilia Clark is in the right with this.
- Tower of the Hand has some Red Wedding reviews you have to read.  
- I love this stuff. 
- There's a cartoon in which the hero is a boy who gets girl powers, and FOX News freaks out. 
- In the defense of the silent protagonist. No, sorry man, this is just an excuse for bad writing.
- Yahtzee has some pretty weird ideas. 
- 3 board games you've been playing all wrong.  
- New episode of Extra Credits
- Totally not.
- io9 has the 100 best tweets about the Red Wedding. Or at least 100 entertaining tweets. 
- They currently make a game about America's crumbling infrastructure. Guys, perhaps you should raise some new revenue if game designers find that you don't really need zombies to make an apolcalyptic game in an urban American setting anymore.
- Buyers guide to the next generation of consoles. 
- Half in the Bag about Hangover III and After Earth. 
- Interview with Joe Dempsie.
- GRRM on Conan says some really interesting stuff.
- 13 text messages from superheros. GREAT!
- 5 ways your senses lie to you
- Game of Thrones staple
- The Internetship is best movie of 2005
- Which MovieBob confirms. 
- 10 Star Wars Characters who needlessly met Han Solo
- The Purge sucks 
- Curtain call for Richard Madden, beautifully written 
- Another piece about accents in GOT.


  1. I don't think nitpicking the accents on the show is taking it "to the extreme". Perhaps it depends on how much of an ear one has for it: I live in the Eastern US and can definitely hear a difference between Boston, NY, NJ, Philadelphia, Baltimore, as well as the transitions that happen in between.

    There are some really big, odd things in the show, like the inhabitants of Qarth speaking virtually no differently than the Westerosi, even though the Dothraki speak a completely different language. Varys, Thoros, Melisandre, Talisa should definitely have different accents than Westerosi (and different from each other as well). And it doesn't seem like it would be that hard, the actors could just imitate some central Asian, northern African, or Middle Eastern accents---they wouldn't even have to be accurate. So yeah, it bugs me a bit.

    1. In Lord of the Rings, everyone speaks exactly the same accent, do they not?