Thursday, December 15, 2016

The road ahead

As you may have noticed, posting has become a bit infrequent on the blog these days. That's due to some real life concerns on my part that take up too much of my spare time right now to regularily write about Nerdstream topics, and a general exhaustion on part of me and Amin with the Supreme Court of Westeros. Therefore, I have to anounce two changes to the blogs.

First, the Flight of Links section will not be continued for the moment. I simply can't find the time anymore. I might take this up again at a later date.

Second, we will pause the Supreme Court of Westeros with issue 150 until "The Winds of Winter" comes out. To give it a proper farewell, we thought that it would be nice to answer seven questions with seven judges in one mega-ruling. So, if you have any questions worthy of such an undertaking that elicit different responses from seven different judges (which is certainly not true of all questions), then please submit them to us via the usual channels.

1 comment:

  1. Not really a question that require deliberation, but: If you had to pick one of the 7 kingdoms to live in, and could choose any time in Westeros history, which would it be, when, and why?