Monday, August 15, 2016

A Flight of Links

- Suicide Squad review
- What's wrong with the DC franchise?
- Huge interview with BryndenBFish
- I so want this game
- StarCraft HD?

- Aegon's band
- Elia's revenge
- Bran

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  1. Re: BryndenBFish's comment about Dany taking a villainous turn. I've seen others speculate about this too. I just find it hard to reconcile it with the fact that the people she wants to unleash "fire and blood" on are themselves the villains. And there's not really much gray there: they've been manipulating her, exploiting her desire for peace in order to re-establish the slave trade. There does not seem to be any good, at this point, in making a peace with the likes of the Green Grace and the people Hizdahr represents.

    I dunno, I feel like when these folks go up in smoke, it'll be well-deserved and not even slightly villainous on Dany's part.