Saturday, July 16, 2016

Boiled Leather Audio Hour #52

The BLAH Salon: Adult Swim’s Jason DeMarco

Our special interview series returns at last! This episode, Sean & Stefan are pleased to welcome Jason DeMarco, Senior Vice President/Creative Director for Adult Swim On-Air. Jason’s worn many hats at the venerable nighttime animation/live-action/surrealist powerhouse: He’s the co-creator of its anime/action block Toonami, the person responsible for the network’s distinctive promos, and the unofficial “musical director” for both Adult Swim’s on-air sound and the albums and singles it’s released from a variety of hip-hop, electronic, and rock acts. He’s also a longtime fan of both A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones. Jason joined us for a wide-ranging discussion of the books, the show, the network, the seismic changes television has seen during his 20-year career, the connections between animation and comics, how those fields are viewed in America, Japan, and Europe respectively, the difference between European-American fantasy and its Japanese-genre counterpart, and much more. Cue up your Run the Jewels records and listen in!

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  1. I'll reply here and wait for it to be deleted. I enjoy this podcast and wish I could listen to it again, but one of the hosts, Sean, in some sort of crusade, publicly humiliated me on twitter and unleashed his followers off to insult me, who then all did the same thing. I shed no tears, don't need counseling, but I was framed as a racist idiot (I'm not one) by someone who I was a fan of, and it hurt and still sucks. I'll eventually drop it, but not yet.

    Patrick Bevan

    1. It seems like you took it up with him on his blog, if that was you. I can't really comment on the issue as I don't know what you guys said or didn't say on Twitter, and I'm not Sean, so I can't really do much about it. I informed him of your post here so he can decide if he wants to answer.

    2. Thanks for the reply,I know that I'm over reacting and probably should not have posted this on your blog, feel free to delete it. I'm not as crazy as I appear to be, I was just very rattled by being called a racist by many, many people when I am honestly not. I'll drop this issue now and I'll keep reading this blog, thanks for the content.