Monday, June 13, 2016

A Flight of Links

- GOT review here, here, here, here, here, here
- I feel the same way
- Reshoots
- Lingerie is not armor
- Diagnosing the Avenger's injuries
-4 annoying sexist tropes in cinema
- Diablo III lead developer leaves Blizzard
- This is just so awful
- Narrative in games
- The art of slo-mo
- TMNT Out of the Shadows review
- Battlefield 1 weapons
- House of the Dying Sun
- Brillant analysis of GOT's "Broken Man"
- WarCraft's orcs
- Timetravel in GOT explainer

- Side characters and Martin's writing
- Horn of Joramun
- volonqar
- Euron and the Old Gods
- 5-year gap
- Tyrion and Ungregor
- Jon in book and show
- TWOW chapter number
- Sandor POV
- Tyrell POVs
- The journeys to the east that never happened
- Prophecy
- Maidenpool
- Wildfire
- Valyrian armor
- Tywin Lannister's legacy
- Selling food 
- Reading AFFC wrong
- Renly
- volonqar
- Stark endgame
- In defense or Ironborn culture
- Category mistakes
- Others 
- AFFC meaning


  1. Is there any way you could group your meta links such that all of, for example, PoorQuentyn are together/separated? Thanks.

    1. Of course I could group them like this...but I'm not sure if I want to put in the extra work. It's a good deal of that already. I'll think about it.