Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Supreme Court news [UPDATE]

Today, we faced kind of a dilemma: we didn't have a judge for next week's ruling. We're now in for well over 100 rulings, and it's hard finding new people. So we wrote to practically everyone who did an opinion for us, asking them whether they'd like to participate again. 

Well, what can we say? It's three hours later, and we have judges scheduled until mid-August, including some new ones. This community really is the best, and I want to thank everyone for taking part in it and helping us out. 

If you're feeling really creative, we could also use a new badge of questions. We're not running out for a month or two, but many questions we have are hypotheticals, which aren't kindly received everywhere. So, if you have something you wanted to know for quite some time, or something that you would like to see discussed, please, leave us a comment or drop as an email or tweet. It's much appreciated.  

Thanks everyone, and stay awesome. 

Stefan and Amin

UPDATE: We're now in mid-October, booked out. Wow. 


  1. Nice job everyone!

    Not sure if these questions have been already discussed in the court or whether they are suitable:

    1) Some of the prophecies in ASOIAF are quite cryptic. Others are not very mysterious and basically spoil parts of the story (e.g., Maggie the Frog's), especially since we've come to expect that Martin will make every prophecy come out true. That prophecies often come true in unexpected ways can make things even more predictable (e.g., Cersei's valonqar not being Tyrion but Jaime). As a literary device, I'd preferred Martin using more subtle ways of foreshadowing. As a plot device, prophecies downgrade ASOIAF to the stereotype of the fantasy genre. Is the amount of prophets and prophecies getting out of hand?

    2) Who (if anyone) told Mandon Moore to kill Tyrion during the Battle of the Blackwater? If it was Cersei (as Tyrion thinks), wouldn't we have had some kind of confirmation of this in her POV chapters?

    3) What will be the role and fate of Ilyn Payne in the rest of the story?

    4) Martin already began writing ASOIAF at the start of the 90s. What is the most notable difference between his ASOIAF writing style then and now?

    5) Is Martin really a slow writer (even if he says so himself)? Is anyone not identical to Stephen King?

  2. What's the deal with Edric Dayne? Does he have a big part to play in the story going forward?


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