Monday, December 14, 2015

A Flight of Links

- Red Mars greenlit
- Great Blackfyre write-up
- Mark Gatiss won't be in season 6 of GOT
- Really good interview with GRRM
- Oh my god does this look bad...
- Spiderman and Antman to provide some fun in the next Captain America flick
- This CGI really needs to get better
- I thought it looked fun enough. 
- The future of the Lords Declarant
- Why Qyburn is evil
- Favorite historical document
- Stannis/Davos/Melisandre meta
- Best prose in ASOIAF
- Which characters would have supported Dunk at Ashford?
- When Bloodraven disappeared
- Theon V
- Fallout 4 questions
- The Witcher gets a movie. Yay...?
- This game was such a ton of fun I'm going to reinstall it just because of this review
- Great R+L=J video
-Yahtzee reviews Star Wars Battlefront
- And Fallout 4
- Will there be more than two books for ASOIAF left?
- Werthead reviews Last Kingdom season 1
- Euron as a military commander
- Gerris Drinkwater meta
- Why are the Dornish so jingoistic?
- Werthead reviews Star Wars 4, 5 and 6
- And boy do I agree on his review of The Wire season 4 


  1. Link for this: "Will there be more than two books for ASOIAF left?" is broken.

    1. It's from Poor Quentyn as well, but I currently can't find the time to search it again, sorry.