Saturday, October 3, 2015

Supreme Court of Westeros 100th ruling coming up!

The Supreme Court of Westeros will be going into its 100th ruling only three weeks hence, so we'd very much like to do something special. A fan request that we got often was to do a special podcast, like we did back when The Nerdstream Era celebrated the 50th issue of Stefan's Theory Hour, the precursor to the Supreme Court. And, well, that's what we're going to do. 

So, if you have any question that you want to have answered in that podcast by an esteemed panel of judges, please shoot away. You can even give in questions that we already did, because the atmosphere and the panel will be different. We will then choose totally arbitrarily from all of these questions. So, fire away!


  1. Congrats Stefan, huge fan of this segment and the BLAH series, looking forward to it. My question, is Do you believe Lady Stoneheart will ever get in contact with either Sansa or Arya, or any of her remaining children for that matter? And if so what impact will have for the story of that character, will it change anything?

    Thank you and once again congrats to you and Amin for the milestone.

  2. estimeed judges, which can be a big twist in Twow ? can be made a meaningful literary arc if Snow is really dead ?

  3. Great work on the blog stefan,

    What is the most important mystery in the series?

  4. Excited for the 100th episode. Great idea for it.
    My question is: what will the future for the ASOIAF community be after all the books are out and the series is over?

  5. Excellent work on the blog and thanks for introducing me to PoorQuentyn's metas!

    My question is what does the future hold for Arya *after* Braavos. I've seen a number of good theories about her inevitable break with the faceless men and how all of that may go down as well as about how she will get back to Westeros, but what do you think happens once she actually arrives? Where does her story go from there and most importantly, how likely is it that she survives the series and gets some semblance of a happy ending?

  6. Another question to the dear court:
    Is Varys the perfumed seneschal in the vision of Quaithe (instead of Reznak mo Reznak)? (ADWD, Daenerys II) because of "The man [Varys] who stepped through the door was plump, perfumed, powdered, and as hairless as an egg." (AGOT, Catelyn IV)

  7. My question is why does Aeron keep thinking about a door opening with a rusted hinge? I just reread the Kingsmoot chapters in Feast and he thinks about the door with a rusted hinge several times and it seems to have to do with Euron. I have an idea that is unpleasant but wondering what you think.

  8. Hi guys,

    First off, congrats to Amin & Stefan for knocking out 100 of these! Here's to 100 more. And now to my question: What was Varys doing during the reign of Aerys II? At one point, he's driving a wedge between Aerys and Rhaegar as well as Aerys and Tywin. And then when Tywin shows up at King's Landing near the end of Robert's Rebellion, he advises Aerys to shut the gates to Tywin. So what gives here?

    A follow-on: What's Varys' stake in Westeros? Why does he care that Aegon ascends the throne? And what narrative purpose does Varys serve in the story of ASOIAF?

    (Sorry, that's a lot of questions -- hope they find you well though an generate some interesting discussion!)

  9. Hi Stefan,

    Congrats to you and Amin on 100 episodes! My question is do you guys have any questions that you would be interested in hearing what the other judges think?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


  10. Hi Guys,

    Which prophecies will be 'coming true' in TWOW?

    Hopefully that's suitable vague to allow some discussion!