Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Flight of Links

- Star Trek economics
- And the book for it
- Tom Cruise was brillant in Top Gun
- How the internet created Tom Cruise's couch jump
- It's time to start liking Tom Cruise again
- Interview with the author of "The Martian"
- Economic development for the North
- More Star Trek economics
- Great review of the new F4 movie 
- Westerlands development plan 
- Victory disease 
- If Howard the Duck was a real Marvel movie Trailer
- Captain America Civil War spoilers

Another round of meta from Poor Quentyn, which is simply astonishingly good:
- The Vale and the North
- Illyrio's character
- Balon Swann's future
- The Trystane plot
- Deep Varys meta
- Would Ned have fought Dany?
- The villains of AFFC
-  Roose Bolton's future
- Bran's dream


  1. Can I nominate PoorQuentin for Supreme Court Justice?

  2. I would love to! But lacking a tumblr, I have no way to get into contact with him. If you can establish contact, please do!