Monday, May 5, 2014

A Flight of Links

- Amazing Spiderman 2 seems not as bad as expected
- David Lynch has sabotaged the Dune movie intentionally 
- Justice League movie confirmed for 2017, Zack Snyder directs
- Looks funny enough
- Event Horizon Movie Defense. Pretty much scared the shit out of me, too.
- Star Wars cast is official
- MovieBob reviews Heaven is for real and Transcendence (both are bad)
- Big Picture: The other guys
- Steven Attewell analyses the sample chapter
- And MovieBob also does Amazing Spiderman 2 and hates it.
- Gwen-Stacey-Paradox
- Stormsongs reviews GOT 4.4
- Is a 100 hour videogame ever worthwhile?
- Great article about Northern Honor 
- MMO adaption will ruin what you love
- Wertzone reviews the Winter Soldier 
- I don't care about this, but maybe do you. 
- Dark Souls II review
- Sean T. Collins about the rape scene
- New TMNT trailer
- Race for the Iron Throne has Sansa I 
- Sir Pounce is widely popular 
- Does the Strangler exist? 
- The new Call of Duty looks even more stupid than the old ones, but this time, Kevin Spacey ruins his reputation in it!
- We need diverse books. Hell yeah!
- The diary you shouldn't have read
- Wot I think: Contagion
- Escape to the Movies: Spiderman3
- The discussion about GOT and rape has reached the German mainstream media. 

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