Monday, April 14, 2014

A Flight of Links

- 5 most insane lessons to learn from famous movies
- 25 fellonies movie heroes are committing
- Destined for Disappointment, part 2 
- Is Game of Thrones the best TV show ever? I'd say it at least runs close. 
- The Wolf among us episode 3 review. Great stuff, I totally agree.
- Triple-A ain't what it used to be
- Stormsongs reads Arya IX
- And the episode 4.1 of GOT
- The second part of the Jagged Alliance review.
- Game of Thrones as a classic sitcom
- Captain America 2 is a great action movie
- Soviet SciFi
- 12 Monkeys gets a 12 episode series
- 10 things in the Marvel cinematic universe that don't make sense
- Captain America and the Fate of the superhero movie
- There's a BSG movie coming. Seriously? I'm not impressed.
- Cultural Learnings reviews GOT 4.1
- Esquire asks about Jaime Lannister's new character arc.
- LotR family sigils, GOT way. 
- GOT 4.1 review by Mary Sue
- Hilarious GOT 4.1 review
- A very dedicated person made a geolocial history of Westeros. 
- 5 hilariously failed attempts at realism in video games
- 5 weird weather phenomena on alien planets
- Some really minor details about Guardians of the Galaxy
-  It's astonishing what details can enrage some fans
- MovieBob reviews The Raid 2
- Funny review of GOT 4.1
- Stormsongs rereads a Jon chapter
- Wot I think Wolf Among Us 3
-Is Superman Fascist? Including these two rebuttals.
- Why are all House of Cards journalists so bad at journalism?

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